Last Chance Disco is a collective of artists, songwriters and producers creating music for sync – 100% cleared and ready for licensing.

Last Chance Disco was founded and is managed by Darren Vader. Darren is a Denton, Texas based songwriter and producer. Through years of collaborating with writers, artists and musicians representing many different musical genres, Darren found that when his collaborators were asked the question “what do you want to do with this new song” – about 50% of the time, the answer was “pitch it for sync.” Last Chance Disco was born.

Our mission is to provide emerging and independent artists, songwriters and producers with a platform that connects their work to music supervisors on a larger scale than they might be able to achieve on their own while providing music supervisors with a growing one stop catalog of diverse music that is 100% cleared and ready for licensing.

The artists, writers, and producers of Last Chance Disco include American Idol contenders, SXSW Songwriter Showcase featured artists, multiple international songwriting competition finalists and semi-finalists, and independent label affiliations with companies like Loudkult, ATLAST/Miami Beats, RDFO Records, 2Dutch/TMG, 7Clouds, Magic Records and dozens of others.

Last Chance Disco is about crafting a harmonious community where artistry meets opportunity, innovation merges with tradition, and collective success is tuned to the rhythm of collaboration.

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